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Publisher: Tribble Games, LLC. Los Angeles, CA Developer: Scary Robot Prod. Inc. Las Vegas, NV Release Date: Q1 2020 Platforms: iOS, Android Switch, XBox, PS4 PC Website: Press / Business contact: Social: YouTube Facebook Twitter Discord
For the first time ever, “Tribble Troubles” allows gamers to play as their favorite furball from the classic TV series “Star Trek.” Your poor Tribble was caught on a spaceship eating quadrotriticale. They beamed it into the core of a planet whose molten core is rising! Jump, leap and climb your way to safety as you go toe to fur with an array of traps and enemies. History: Tribble Games, LLC. was formed in 2019 to give gamers a chance to play as one of the most beloved Sci-Fi characters ever created. The goal of the company is to create a series of videogames that will allow gamers to experience all new adventures with Tribbles in a wide range of games ranging from arcade to puzzle. The company has partnered with Scary Robot Productions Inc. to help with creating the games. Scary Robot has been creating mobile games for nearly a decade. The company has released six titles which have generated over 7 million combined downloads. The Tribble games, beginning with “Tribble Troubles,” are being created with the assistance of Tribble Toys  along with “Star Trek” VFX legend Doug Drexler who has worked on several of the “Star Trek” series and movies. The game development will be led by Dustin Adair (animator on “Battlestar Galactica,” “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles,” ”Halo 3” and many others). Features: Play as a Tribble in an all new and original story. Four different challenging environments Tons of alien enemies including Glommers! Hours of challenging arcade action Numerous powerups to help your Tribble Win items to customize your Tribble
Tribble Games LLC developed in partnership with MRDG, LLC dba Tribble Toys.
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